Mandeville Travel Guide: What To See & Do

Mandeville Travel Guide: What To See & Do

A city where nature and urban life meet, Mandeville, set on Lake Pontchartrain’s northern end, this fascinating city serves as the best destination for city dwellers looking for a getaway to rural surroundings. As the wooded suburb is a well-established destination spot, Mandeville promises visitors a full- complimentary and upscale amenity. If you want to have a memorable experience in Mandeville, here’s what to do, popular sights and the downtown area. No matter how long you stay, you will definitely fall in love within no time, so let’s get into it!

Below are our top picks of famous sights in Louisiana:

Fontainebleau State Park:

Stretching to almost 2,800 acres, Fontainebleau State Park is nestled on the Lake Pontchartrain shore. The lake is heavily dotted with sailboats of various colors, and the sandy beach is ideal for sunbathers.

Children’s Museum of St. Tammany:

Seeking a spot for children where learning can be a great joy? The Children’s Museum of St. Tammany is ready to serve you. The main goal of this museum is to foster such a type of community that pursues play and enhances creativity.

Seven Sisters, Live Oak:

Towering over sixty feet is a gigantic southern oak tree, the Seven Sisters Live Oak. This magnificent is one of the oldest and was formerly known as Doby’s Seven Sisters because this property is owned by the Doby family.

Must Experience Things While in Mandeville!

While in Mandeville, be sure to get your hands on the following fun-filled adventures:

Experience A Biking or Walking Tour:

Take a self-guided tour to step back into the past by hitting the Historic Mandeville Marker Tour. Or get on a bike, walk, or drive across Old Mandeville’s buildings and historic homes.

Feast Your Eyes On These Interesting Exhibits:

Be sure to take your kids to an enchanting spot named St. Tammany Parish’s, Children’s Museum of St. Tammany (CMST), as this museum makes learning a fun-loving activity for children. Be sure to browse through all of its great exhibits!

Downtown Area:

Just take a few minutes to track down this main street of old Downtown Mandeville and explore how it puts a smile on the visitor’s face. Freshly made pastries and doughnuts delight visitors’ hearts (along with many other bakeries that make this downtown extra special). Pies, Fritters, scones, and a lot more sound so yummy!

Broaden your horizons in artisan flare by signing up for classes at a yarn shop, a kitchen supply store, and so on. Rent a bike or ride around the whole downtown; a ton of attractions await your presence; just don’t forget your helmets and protective gear like headlights, horns, and more.

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