Shreveport, Louisiana Travel Guide

Festivals and music lovers will enjoy a weekend in northeast Louisiana’s Shreveport region. 

Must Experience Things While in Shreveport

If you’re in New Orleans, don’t miss out on these enjoyable events:

Shreveport Municipal Auditorium

Begin your journey at the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium, where you may get a backstage visit and hear about the tales and music of the superstars who have performed there. The Louisiana Hayride, where many performers got their start, including Elvis Presley, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and Johnny Horton, used to perform at the auditorium.

Robinson Film Center

Spend the evening at the Robinson Film Facility, a non-profit cinema that serves as a filmmaking learning center in the area, viewing an indie film. The atmosphere is lighthearted, and you may dine on the terrace overlooking the tent.

American Rose Center

Spend some time at the American Rose Center if you’re planning a romantic weekend. There are almost 20,000 rose types in the gardens, with fountains and sculptures.

Gator and Friends Adventure Park

 If that’s not enough and wish some more adventures, head to Gator and Friends Adventure Park, where you can zip out over ponds and alligators.

Downtown Area:

Downtown Shreveport is known to be a pulsing heart of entertainment, where you will come across everything like fun, music, culture, and much more. From family-friendly attractions to awesome riverboat casinos, here’s everything ready to delight your heart.

Many big festivals such as Festival Plaza are hosted throughout the year, while The Lot promises food trucks, craft vendors, live entertainment, and more on a daily basis. 

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