Lafayette Travel Guide – What You Need For Your Trip To Lafayette

The Happiest City in America, Lafayette, is located right in the pulsing heart of Louisiana, offering the best of Cajun culture. You will find every spot in Lafayette oozing with joie de vivre. No wonder there’s always a little bit of everything going on in this mind-boggling location. All you have to do is decide what you’re in the mood for. You can experience much more here than just stuffing your face with Creole and Cajun meals, like discovering, absorbing everything about the Acadian culture. So be ready to immerse in the culture and find yourself a happy place!

We’ve listed up top-three spots to ease your hunt so let’s whisk away in Louisiana’s heart.


Vermilionville is one of the best folk-life parks and history museums on the Bayou. It is located in Vermilionville, enriching visitors with a ton of knowledge about the Creoles, Africans, Native American culture, and African people.

Lake Martin Rookery:

Do you want to go on a full-fledged nature dive or some gentle adventures? In this case, Lake Martin will definitely pique your interest. It is one of the colossal nesting colonies for waterbird species and a great place to catch sight of alligators.

St. John’s Cathedral:

This famous sight is officially known as the Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist, but it is also a beautiful architectural piece. Moreover, the main reason for visiting this spot is an old giant oak tree, almost five hundred years old.

Must Experience Things While in Lafayette!

Don’t know what to do first? No worries! Below are the must-experience things while in Lafayette, so just dive in!

Get some glimpses of 18th-century life:

Wander around the remodeled buildings of Vermilionville Park and prick your ears for the live Cajun music; it is something that never goes old. Get ready to indulge in Creole and Cajun meals at its on-site restaurant.

Be Sure to Spot Some Bewildering Wildlife:

At Lake Martin Rookery, you can catch sight of alligators and more wildlife while relishing a tour of the lake. Get to know everything about this spot, including its flora and fauna.

Uncover the captivating history:

Drop into the nearest gift shop and explore around the on-site museum after enjoying a church-guided tour and reveal the meaty history by stepping back in time while at St. John’s Cathedral.

Downtown Area:

As you track down Lafayette, the downtown area is the only spot where you will lose yourself, as it’s all set to enrich you with unique experiences. No matter, what tickles your interest, shopping, dining, or playing, downtown offers a little of everything for everyone, from top-notch galleries to restaurants and every single thing that comes in between.

A fall and spring series of concerts! Yes! The Downtown Home is Alive! The ArtWalk is held every 2nd Saturday, and 80 annual events are still the central spot for fun and events.

Last but not least, Louisana is greatly bursting with a number of attractions, things to do, and more. Get lost in the fascinating scenes of Louisiana and make the most of your trip by heading right to the (above-mentioned) top five spots. We’ve compiled top-notch places with major things to do, experience, and explore, so just get ready to embark on a journey of endless fun and joy!

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